Top Best Anime To Watch!

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Top Best Anime To Watch!

Anime has created a sensation over youths now days, and major reason for this growth of anime over the period of time is it’s enriched variety. So let’s dive in and find out top best anime to watch like lunatics.

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Anime has grown rapidly, over worldwide. And it’s major reason was how it engaged it’s audience and shown all of us the ocean of creativity. The emotion, the despair, the mood, the character development portrayed by the anime  stayed with it’s audience.

Few folks still believes that anime is just waste of time but their audience is very serious about it.

There are tons of anime out there, as above said it’s an ocean. List is very long but today we’ll be only looking into few masterpieces.

Have a blast guys!!

1. Brotherhood of the Fullmetal Alchemist (2009-10)

brotherhood fullmetal alchemist

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Brotherhood is not a sequel to the 2003 anime Fullmetal Alchemist. Rather, it’s a more accurate version of Hiromu Arakawa’s original novel. When Edward and his brother, Alphonse Elric, trying to resuscitate their mother through alchemy in an alternative steampunk world, they pay a high price.

While Edward loses an arm and a leg, Al’s spirit is trapped inside a suit of armor. Rather than giving up, Edward has become a Fullmetal Alchemist and joins forces with his sibling on a journey to repair their body before confronting a scheme involving their lost father.

2. Afro Samurai (2007)

Afro Samurai image
afro samurai poster

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Afro Samurai was not made for Samuel L. Jackson, but the diverse actor was lured to Takashi Okazaki’s comic series adaption. Afro, a lone warrior in a feudal future, was also voiced by Jackson. A guy named Justice murdered Afro’s father when he was a youngster and seized the Top One Headbands, a relic reputed to give superhuman abilities to its owner.

Afro alienates his close pal Jinno as a grownup and takes the No Two Band to confront his father’s murderer. The wearer of the Number Two Headband, on the other hand, must continually protect his prize, and Afro must fight multiple fights before standing Trial.

3. Overlord-Lord of the Universe (2010)

Overlord-Lord of the Universe

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A virtual reality game is set to be completely pulled offline in the future of Overlord. As the computers go dark, Momonga, a player who has committed over a century of his life to the game, refused to log off. The program, much more to Momonga’s amazement, continues to run even after it has been turned off.

He is, however, confined in his avatar form, while the failure to effectively creatures develop their own identities and interests. Momonga possesses incredible power as the game’s last actual human. Nevertheless, as he sets out to learn something about his current apartment, Momonga’s motives are frequently misread by his new subjects.

4. Forces of Fire (2019)

Forces of Fire

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The opening scene of Fire Force is truly explosive. When a man in a train car bursts into flames, transforming into infernals, live and strolling infernos, Tokyo’s Special Fire Team 8 isn’t far off.

The exclusive team is made up of pyrokinetic who can command fire with their thoughts, and they’re Tokyo’s only hope against the current wave of disasters.

We quickly discover that this fiery event isn’t a one-time occurrence. People are being transformed into demons all across the world. Fire Forces following Special Fire Force 8 as they try to figure out who is behind the infernals’ mystery while also coping with the difficulties brought on by the introduction of new teammates Shinra. Personally I believe this is one of the top best anime to watch.

5. Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure (2011)

Jojo's Bizzare Adventure

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Hirohiko Araki’s One of Japan’s finest recognized and adored brands is Jojo’s, Wild Journey. Araki started working on the Jojo serial in the 1980s, but it wasn’t until recently that Jojo fever spread across North America. On it, each series/saga in the franchise tackles a different aspect of the Joestar family’s multi-generational story.

Stardust Knights and Diamond is Indestructible, the 3rd and 4th parts in the book, are the most popular and intriguing stories in the ongoing Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures narrative. The series features not just wonderful characters, but some of the most inventive battle scenes you’ll ever see, courtesy of the series spirit-like Stands.

Magical abilities are one thing, but the way all these Supports function will astound you. Jojo has an extraordinary ability to combine slice-of-life animation with fast-paced special effects and enthralling serialized storytelling. Although the entire show could be too long and scary for newbies, to begin with, Diamond is Indestructible is by far the most approachable of the episodes.

6. Dandy in Space (2014)

Dandy in Space

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This may be the best television series I’ve ever watched, not just in terms of anime, but in terms of television in general. The plot features a hunter, Dandy, and his unique crew on the quest for exotic alien creatures, and it is one of the most sophisticated shows on television. Shinichiro Watanabe is in charge of the project.

It’s a zombie story one episode, a dark comedy the next, and then an interstellar dancing battle the following. Another installment is dedicated to the concept of a robot attempting to learn and appreciate the concept of love. The announcer of the series is as much a person as any of the other cast members.

Space Dandy goes above and above by using unique solutions. Its ostentatious look is certainly something to be enthused about

7. Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto (2016)

Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto

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Underpowered protagonists in anime can be tiresome at times because they drain the energy from a scene. But, You Haven’t Heard? I’m Sakamoto captures this power and helps it the series’ entire goal.  Sakamoto is a very famous student who specializes in everything he does.

That may seem like a narrow focus for a show, but Sakamoto’s god-tier abilities are a continual source of enjoyment in the anime. Instead of being irritated by Sakamoto’s constant dominance, the animation transforms it into a beautiful game of suspense.


Above are some top best anime to watch. Hope you found your match. Happy Binge watching folks!

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